Perfect Touch Carpet Cleaning

How We Help

Perfect Touch Carpet Cleaning uses the latest in deep steam cleaning. Hot water extraction also known as, deep steam cleaning is the number one recommended cleaning method by most carpet manufacturers. In addition to steam cleaning, we also offers rotary scrubbing for carpets that are in need of more aggressive cleaning (these carpets are typically older, lighter in color, and have been subjected to heavy traffic).

Our daily schedules are carefully and responsibly planned so we can be at your house or business within an agreed time frame.  If for any reason we are unavoidably delayed, we will phone you in advance to at least let you know of the delay and to give you a clear indication of our new arrival time. This allows you to use your time most effectively as you’ll know exactly when we are due to arrive

Attention to Detail

Our specialists will move and replace most furniture, pre-treat the carpets (at no extra charge), and completely deep steam clean your carpets wall to wall. We also double extract for quicker drying. Furniture that has been moved will be placed back to its original location with protective tabs placed under all legs.

Carpets can be walked on immediately following cleaning, but we do recommend wearing clean rubber soled shoes until the carpet is completely dry. Drying time can vary depending on the thickness and grade of carpet. A typical carpet on a typical day will dry anywhere from 6 to 8 hours. Increasing airflow from fans or open windows is encouraged, but not critical.