Bedroom Cleaning Tips
bedroom cleaning
Bedroom Cleaning Tip 1: Keep Closets Organized
Resist the temptation to toss everything in your bedroom closet. Instead, go through the closet and organize it. Keep items in containers and hang cloths in an orderly fashion. An organized closet will promote efficient use of storage space.
Bedroom Cleaning Tip 2: Change Bed Sheets Regularly
Make a point to keep your bed sheets crisp and clean. Every night, you sleep on the same sheets and your body sheds skin cells. Dust can also settle on sheets. This can create an ideal place for your body to come in contact with germs. Change out the sheets often both for your own comfort and cleanliness.Bedroom Cleaning Tip 3: Use Your Drawer Storage
Dresser drawers are an ideal place to store garments and accessories. However, they can become a mess when items are thrown in rather than folded and neatly stacked. Organize your dresser drawers to maximize their storage potential. Place loose accessories and jewelry in containers before storing in a drawer. All clothing should also be sorted and stacked in drawers.Bedroom Cleaning Tip 4: Curtains and Lampshades Can Get Dirty, Too
Lamp shades and curtains can easily gather dust over time. This can affect the atmosphere in your bedroom by dimming light and polluting air should the dust fall off of these objects. Try using a hair dryer for dust removal. The cool setting is ideal. When trying this method, make a point to do it before dusting and vacuuming the rest of the bedroom. That way, the freed dust can settle then be removed. The same goes for window blinds.

Bedroom Cleaning Tip 5: Ceiling Fan Blades Should be Dusted
Ceiling fans are wonderful for maintaining a comfortable temperature and promoting better air flow in the bedroom. They can also add to the appearance of the room. However, take care to wipe off the blades and base of your bedroom ceiling fan. This may require a step stool or long handled duster for easier access.

Bedroom Cleaning Tip 6: Don’t Forget to Make Your Bed Daily
Making the bed is one of those chores that are usually the first to be neglected. Making your bed will help keep your sheets un-creased and crisp. It will also inspire a neat and tidy atmosphere in your bedroom. Pull it all together by making your bed and straightening the bed skirt and pillows before leaving for the day.

Bedroom Cleaning Tip 7: Under the Bed Organization
Try to avoid storing things under your bed. If you are short on storage space, then the bed is an option as long as you take care to use proper organization and containers. Never toss things under the bed as a way to keep them out of sight.

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