Perfect touch services FAQs

Our First Cleaning Visit – Why is it different? Why is it necessary? Why does it cost more?

Our first cleaning visit is more like spring cleaning or perhaps “catch-up” cleaning. Before we can begin regularly scheduled cleaning of a home, there are a variety of first-time tasks that require extra time and effort. There’s a big difference between “old” dirt and “new” dirt. If we don’t get rid of the old dirt, no matter how hard we try, simply removing new dirt isn’t going to make your home sparkling. It’s not uncommon for us to spend from four to eight times longer on a first-time cleaning then it takes us on regular, repeat maintenance visits.

Perhaps no one has vacuumed behind or under the sofa for months. Bookshelves, baseboards and windowsills are prime candidates for long periods of neglect, and may require extra initial “TLC.” Kitchen cabinets, counter tops and appliances usually require extra attention on our first visit. Grease, fingerprints and other dirt seem to make their way through everyone’s home and gravitate toward the kitchen. It doesn’t take long for kitchen dust to become impregnated with grease, which is more difficult and time-consuming to clean then a week’s worth of ordinary surface dirt.

If we don’t spend the time and effort to get the shower doors, shower-door tracks, shower and bathroom walls, bathtub surfaces, plumbing fixtures, and floors thoroughly cleaned, these objects won’t look really clean no matter how often we visit.


Do the same people come every cleaning visit?

We make every effort possible to make sure that the same person is always going to the same homes. We certainly want our employees to build a relationship with our clients. Building this relationship results in trust and satisfaction. However, there are sometimes circumstances that are beyond our control and you may not have the same person. If this happens, please rest assured that the person coming into clean is just as capable as any employee that we have.

What training does your staff go through?

The staff at Perfect Touch Services undergoes both classroom training as well as on the job training. We make sure that the people we are sending out into the field to complete these jobs have a full knowledge of our products and how to use them. We also have ongoing training to make sure that all of our employees stay up to date on all of our cleaning procedures. One thing to note is that while doing classroom training we provide someone with the mental tools to complete the job. However, as you may know there is no more valuable training then on the job training where a new employee can put those newly learned skills to use.

What sets you apart from other cleaning companies?

Perfect Touch Services is a family owned business that offers a personal touch while also being able to handle all of the larger jobs that come along. We know how important it is to you if something goes wrong to have a person to return your calls. At Perfect Touch Services you get a return call on every call you make. The good part here is that you will get that personal touch you deserve by speaking to one of the owners and not a random person who can’t address your concern.

Will you perform additional cleaning task above and beyond the normal tasks?

Certainly we do provide cleaning services that are above and beyond the normal cleanings. However, in order for us to make time to fit those into our schedules we need at least one weeks notice prior to the cleaning you would like these tasks performed. This notice will allow us the time to fit this into the schedule. Some of the additional task may also require an additional fee.

Does someone have to be present during the cleaning?

The only thing you need to do is allow us to gain access to your home or business. Certainly if you feel comfortable you can give us a key, which makes things much easier for our staff. But by no means do you need to be home for us to complete the job. Many of our clients are not home and enjoy returning to a freshly cleaned house after a long day of work.

Do you supply your own cleaning products?

We supply all of our own products and equipment to complete the job. We have been working with the same products and equipment and have found them to be very successful. We are also always looking for products and equipment as technology changes to make sure we are providing the safest and healthiest environment for you and your family.

Can I supply my own cleaning products?

You certainly can make a request for us to use a special product(s) that you may like. The only thing we will do is make sure we have a full knowledge of the product so that we know we will not be doing any sort of damage to your home or business.

Do I need to supply a key for you to clean my house?

While yes this is the easiest of all ways for us to access the home, it is not necessary to do so. Most of our clients provide us with a key that we keep in a safe here in our office. Those keys are only sent out on the day of your scheduled visit, and then returned later that day upon completion of the schedule. We understand it takes time to trust a new company that is doing work for you. While you are building up that trust if you don’t feel comfortable providing us with a key, you can leave the key in a set place that we know about. You can also be home to let us into your home Please keep in mind the only drawback to not providing a key is that if we are unable to gain access to the house because the key was not left or the door was kept locked.

During periods of heavy snow do you still clean?

Yes we make every effort we can to make sure your house is still cleaned during heavy snow. If for some reason we do need to cancel we will also make every effort to make sure we can reschedule your cleaning. You want to make sure that driveways and walkways are kept clean and are easily accessible for our cleaners. They will be carrying equipment and supplies into your homes. If you do not have the appropriate time to make your driveway or walkway accessible, please just call ahead and we won’t clean for that visit. Having an employee slide off your driveway or fall on your walkway is not good for you or us. If you have had plenty of time to clear both the walkway and driveway and have not.