Keeping Your House Clean


really clean


House cleaning is one of those things no one really enjoys, yet we all must do. What many home owners are not aware of is that there are things they can do, from hiring a Calgary house cleaning service to improving their own practices. The best option is to use all of the following tips to guarantee a dirt and debris free home on a tight schedule!

Time Saving Tip 1: Schedule Cleaning Sessions
Fitting each cleaning session into your daily schedule is a must. Some days may be lighter than others when it comes to tidying up, but it is still important to avoid neglecting these tasks. The easiest way to schedule regular sessions is to hire a Seattle cleaning service. That way, you can multitask by letting the best Seattle cleaning service do the dirty work while you take care of other things.

Time Saving Tip 2: Clean Between Other Tasks
Have you ever spent time standing in the kitchen waiting for a meal to cook, or lingering in front of the bathroom mirror before it is time to leave in the morning? These are ideal opportunities to do some house cleaning without cutting into free time. Grab the wash cloth and dish soap and take care of any lingering plates and silverware. While in the bathroom, grab the tile cleaner and give the sink a tub a good wipe down!

Time Saving Tip 3: Allow More Time for Problem Areas
Some rooms in the house are more prone to dust and debris build up. These are usually the areas you and your fellow housemates frequent. Allow additional time to clean up these high traffic areas. Consider hiring Seattle cleaning services to help maintain these rooms without rearranging your schedule.

Time Saving Tip 4: A Little Extra Effort Goes a Long Way
This tip can not only save you time, but also money. Before running the dishwasher, washing machine, or taking the trash to the curb, make sure you have gone through your home and collected it all. There is nothing more frustrating than a stray shirt you need that didn’t make it in the wash, or a trash bin that is overflowing because it went un-emptied on garbage day! By gathering up the dirty dishes and laundry, you will also save money on utilities by doing fewer washes.

Time Saving Tip 5: Always Have Supplies on Hand
Before heading to the grocery store, make sure you have a list prepared of all the items you need to keep your home in good order. That way, when the time comes to tidy up various rooms, there will be no delay. An extra trip to the store for a can of dusting spray or paper towels is time (and fuel) wasted.

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